Building Permit Application

A building permit is required for most residential, commercial and industrial structures.  This includes all new works, alterations, additions and extensions.

There are two types of building permits:

  • BA1 - Application for building permit - certified: Requires a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3 Form) to be completed by a Private Building Surveyor prior to being submitted to the Shire.
  • BA2 -Application for building permit - uncertified: Certified by the Shire.

The fees differ for certified and uncertified applications. Refer to Building schedule of fees and charges.

Important note: Under the Building Act 2011 requires that all applicable approvals, including planning approval, are obtained prior to lodgement of a building permit application.

How to apply for a building permit

Step 1 : review relevant checklist

Before applying for a building permit refer to the checklist below.

Not sure which class ? Check out Building Classes

Step 2 : Complete the application form

Step 3: Pay building and construction Industry Training Fund Levy (BCITF)

Note this payment is only required for construction estimated to be over $20,000 .

The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Levy applies to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia, where the total value of construction is estimated to be more than $20,000.

You can pay the BCTIF levy online. Note, a copy of the receipt will need to be provided to the Shire with your application.

Step 4: Lodge and pay for your building permit application

The Shire require all applications to be submitted with 2 hard copies of plans.

The minimum building permit fees for estimated value of works under $20,000 is $166.65.  For current fees for estimated value of works over $20,000 please refer to the Building schedule of fees and charges.

Once completed, lodge your application in person, via email ( or by post.

Development approval application

Residential Design Codes Variation (R-Codes Application)

Please refer to the Policy 4.2.6 – Variation to R Codes – Outbuildings below, before submitting an R-Codes application variation. An R-Codes Variation requires to be submitted with the following:

  • Completed Application for Development Approval – Residential Design Codes Variation form
  • Cover letter outlining the Design Principles being applied for consideration under, and justification of compliance with each Design Principle
  • Two sets of plans displaying the extent of all proposed works in compliance with the Design Principles.
  • Adjoining landowner’s comment in relation to the proposal, should the adjoining land owners comment not be received, additional time may be incurred in the processing of this application due to required consultation with the adjoining land owner for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the r-codes.
  • Application fee of $115.50 as per the Shire’s Building Schedule of Fees and Charges.

FORMS to download:

BA1 Application

BA2 Application, Guide to lodging an uncertified building permit application


Building Permit- BA13

Download this form to apply for building approval.

Application for Occupancy Permit - BA9