Waste Collection

The Shire of Mukinbudin has engaged the services of Avon Waste who provide weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling removal for all townsite lots and fortnightly removal of goods from the recycling bank. Further information here: Avon Waste

Rubbish removal is carried out each Tuesday morning, bins need to be in place by no later than 6.00am.

Bins should be positioned within one metre of the kerb or edge of bitumen, with the wheels positioned away from the kerb or road.

Placement of the bins in any other orientation presents a problem for the lifting equipment and might result in the bin not being emptied.

Please contact the Shire Office on 9047 2100 if you want to amend the number of services you receive. 

General Waste

Rubbish removal fees are $200 per year which includes the use of a 240L wheelie bin. Avon Waste provide the removal service and this is collected weekly.


Recycling bins are available for all properties within the Mukinbudin townsite. Avon Waste provide the removal service and this is collected fortnightly.

The removal fee is $175 per year.

For more information on what can be recycled please visit the Recycle Right websites A - Z of Recycling:

Additional Recycling Bins

Paper, glass and aluminium can be dropped at the recycling bank on Strugnell Street (next to the Fire Shed & Mukinbudin Steel Fabricators). These bins are emptied during the normal recycling collections by Council's waste collection contractor Avon Waste.

Bins to be kept in good order

Bins which are split, have broken lid hinges or are otherwise unserviceable need to be repaired or replaced.

The contract with Avon Waste provides that they will provide 240L bins for new services and where existing 240L bins become unserviceable. However, where the bin is provided by the contractor the bin will be owned by the contractor.

To request a bin to replace a defective bin please contact the Shire on 08 9047 2100.

Care of Bins

Regardless of whether or not a 240L bin is owned by the property owner or the contractor, it is required that the owner/occupier of the premises:

  • Clean the bin as required
  • Store the bin behind the building line of the property when it is not out for collection
  • Not dispose of Liquid, Oils and Solvents in the bin
  • Take all reasonable care to ensure bins are not stolen, damaged or misused
  • Not over-load the bin
  • Generally the content of a bin should not exceed 70kg
  • Bins should not be loaded with heavy items or with excessively heavy contents such as large machinery parts, rubble, bricks, soil or the like.

Bulk Rubbish Collection and Green Waste Collection

Conducted in June and December.

Green Waste - Cuttings to be laid parallel to the road. Includes trees and shrub pruning's.

Household Waste - Includes bags and boxes of garden waste, whitegoods and other household bulk waste

NO – bricks, bottles, rubble, sand, cement, fencing, wire strapping, flammable liquids, oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides, foodstuff, tyres, asbestos & asbestos cement (fibro) sheeting, old gas bottles, glass items, lead acid car batteries, car parts, agricultural waste