COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Monday 7th December 2020

Disclaimer – this information is considered valid as at the date of publication (shown above). Updates will be provided as, and when, relevant information becomes available.

Stay informed on the latest updates on COVID-19 on Health WA and WA State Government

To find out what the Shire is doing in response to the novel coronavirus situation, Click here

Shire Administration Office

The Shire Administration Office has reopened to the public, with visitors asked to apply social distancing restrictions when visiting the office.

Department of Transport

All Department of Transport transactions can be made at the Shire Administration Office. PDA (Practical Driving Assessments) will recommence on 19th June for Wheatbelt residents only.

Public Buildings

Sports Complex – Function Room open for indoor gatherings of up to 87 people
Swimming Pool – open from 1st November to Easter 2021
The Buff (Mukinbudin Gym) – open
Memorial Hall – open for indoor gatherings of up to 100 people
Mukinbudin Library – open

Mukinbudin Library

The Library is once again open for business with a restriction of 4 people in the Library at once.

Some options for audible book borrowings are as follows:

• Borrow Box – free (need a Library card)
• Overdrive (Libby) – free (need a Library card)
• Audible stories – currently free for children/youth books

Please contact the Shire Office if you require assistance with accessing any of these options.

Patrons are reminded to register with the SafeWA QR Code which is at the entrance to the Library.

Caravan Park

The Mukinbudin Caravan Park is open for travellers. We look forward to welcoming visitors into our town.

Visitors are reminded to register with the SafeWA QR Code which is situated on posters at the Manager's Office, Campers Kitchen, Laundry, en-suites, units and houses.

Public Toilets

Public toilets remain open. The Shire has increased cleaning services at public toilets to enhance sanitisation and the potential spread of the virus.


Playgrounds have reopened and hand sanitiser is provided onsite for users of these facilities. The Shire would like to reiterate social distancing advice from relevant health departments, where people are advised to stay 1.5 metres away from each other and avoid physical contact such as handshakes.

Major Projects

At this stage, the Shire of Mukinbudin major projects are progressing. The Early Learning Centre (Boodie Rats) construction is scheduled for completion late-June and the two GROH houses are continuing. The Roads program will continue as planned for in the 2020/2021 Annual Budget.


The Shire of Mukinbudin is committed to providing services to the community that are delivered through ratepayer money, therefore rates are still required to be paid in full and on time.

Waste Management

Avon Waste will continue to collect household and recycling waste and the Tip is open.

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Dirk Sellenger