Mukinbudin Local Emergency Management Committee

The Shire of Mukinbudin Local Emergency Management Committee is a group of people comprising of representatives the Shire of Mukinbudin, Mukinbudin & Bonnie Rock Bush Fire Brigades, Mukinbudin Police, St John Ambulance – Kununoppin Sub Centre, Department of Child Protection, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Kununoppin Hospital, Mukinbudin Nursing Post and WA Country Health.

The group meets four times a year to discuss and plan for any possible threats that the Mukinbudin Shire faces. The LEMC has created the Local Emergency Management Arrangements to ensure that all areas are covered and that the correct preparedness is completed if an unfortunate event was to occur in the Shire.

The LEMC is now seeking the communities opinion on the effectiveness of the Local Emergency Management Arrangements. This document can be viewed in our Document Centre