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Annual Dog Registrations

Registering Your Dog

Registering your dog is compulsory and the following rules set out in the Dog Act must be followed:

  • Register your dog with Council after it is 3 months old and keep it registered
  • Attach the registration tag and a name tag with your name, address and phone number to yourdog's collar
  • When outside your own property, keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • Pick up after your dog if it defecated on the footpath, verge or public open space
  • Greyhounds must be muzzled at all times when outside their property and you may only have two under your control in a public place

Please Note: New Dog Laws state that ALL dogs must be microchipped by 1st November 2015. Failiure to comply with this could mean fines of up to $200 per offence.

Dogs may be registered at the Council Offices: 15 Maddock Street, Mukinbudin

Please note that Dog Registrations expire on the 31st October. All owners with registered dogs expiring this year have been advised. If you have an unregistered dog now is the time to come in and register it.

For further information please contact the Shire on 08 9047 2100.

Renewal Fees are listed below for your information:

Dog Registration Fees
Annual Registration
Sterilised Dog  1 Year $20.00
3 Years $42.50
Lifetime $100.00
Unsterilised Dog 1 Year $50.00
3 Years $120.00
Lifetime $250.00
Concession Registration Rates
Guide Dogs Nil
Dogs used for droving or tending stock ¼ of fee payable
Dogs owned by pensioners ½ of fee payable
Foxhounds, bona fide kept together in a kennelled pack of not less that 10 $40 per pack
Registration after May 31st in any year ½ of fee payable

Dangerous Dogs

The following dog breeds are deemed to be dangerous:

  • Argentinian fighting dogs
  • Brazilian fighting dogs
  • Japanese tosas
  • American pit bull terriers
  • Pit bull terrier breeds
  • Any dog of a mixed breed that visibly contains any of the above named breeds

Owners of dangerous dogs MUST:

  • Display the dangerous dog sign on all entrances to their property
  • Have a dangerous dog collar on their animal at all times
  • Muzzle and leash dogs when outside their property
  • Be over 18 years of age

Wandering at Large

The Council may seize dogs found in public places and not held on a leash.

Rangers may enter private property to seize a dog which has been wandering at large if they have the permission of the owner or occupier, or a warrant from a Justice of the Peace.

Dogs can be destroyed if unable to be caught.

Fines & Penalties

On the Spot Fines

  • Permitting a dog to be in a public place not held on a leash - $100
  • Owner's name and address not on the collar - $50
  • Permitting a dog to be in a public place without registration tag - $50
  • Having an unregistered dog - $100

Offences and Maximum Penalties

  • Alllowing a dog to be in a public place whilst not on a leash - $1,000
  • If a dog attacks a person, animal or bird - $10,000
  • Allowing a dog to be a nuisance - $2,000
  • Keeping more than the legal number of dogs - $1,000
  • Having an unregisterd dog - $500

Attack by a Dog

If your dog attacks a person or animal, then you may be responsible for any injury or damage caused. If your dog attacked outside your property you may:

  • Be ordered to take additional steps to control your dog (such as fencing your property effectively)
  • Have your dog declared "dangerous" (if this occurs, your dog must be restrained when on your own land, you must erect clearly visible 'Warning Dangerous Dog' signs outside your property and leash your dog at all times outside your property)
  • Be ordered to have your dog destroyed

Noise Control Act

This Act applies to dogs. Under the Act, an owner may be fined if a dog makes excessive noise. If you have a problem with your pet's barking, please contact your local vet and seek advice on how to eliminate the problem.

Dog Surrender/Destruction

If for a legitimate reason a dog owner can no longer keep their dog, it may be surrendered to the Ranger. The owner must complete a "Destruction of a Dog Authority" form. Once finalised, the owner no longer has any legal standing in relation to this dog.

Annual Cat Registrations

The purpose of the Cat Act 2011 is to introduce measures to: reduce the large number of stray cats being euthanised each year; encourage responsible cat ownership; and provide for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and environment.

Registering your cat is compulsory and the following rules set out in the Cat Act must be followed:

  • All cats over six months of agemust be registered with the local government area where they are usually kept;
  • All cats must be microchipped and sterilised before transfer
  • Local goverments can adminster and enforce the provisions of the act, have the authority to seize cats and can create local laws for the control of cats within their district.

Renewal Fees are listed below for your information:

Cat Registration Fees
Annual Registration
Annual cat registration for 1 Year $20.00
3 Years $42.50
Lifetime $100.00
Concession Registration Rates
Cats owned by pensioners ½ of fee payable
Registration after May 31st in any year ½ of fee payable
Other Registration Rates
Annual Fee for an approved cat breeder $100.00

For more information contact the Shire on 08 9047 2100 or send an email to admin@mukinbudin.wa.gov.au.