Engineering Services

One of the Shire’s biggest responsibilities is the maintenance and upgrading of the Shire’s road network. It is also the largest area of expenditure and investment.

The Shire of Mukinbudin has a total of 921.7 km’s of constructed roads comprising of 189.1 km’s of bitumen and 732.6 km’s gravel or formed roads. Annual construction and maintenance programs are generally determined from the five-year plan, from which funding is sourced from a combination of Commonwealth and State Government grants and Shire rates.

Council recognises the vital importance of our road network and give high priority to its maintenance and improvement.

If you would like to contact the Works Supervisor, please call  0427 707 207 or the Shire Administration on 9047 2100.

Road Works

Road works form a major portion of Council's annual budget expenditure. Council has in recent years heavily concentrated on the Bonnie Rock Road Grain Logistics program of reconstruction works which is aimed at improving Council's existing road assets. A Five Year Road Program has been developed for future works.

Gravel upgrades and other construction type works are dealt with annually during Council's budget deliberations. Requests should be forwarded to the Council prior to the budget when public submissions are called for.

Road Maintenance

Grading, rolling, cleaning of drainage, culverts etc on Council's roads are performed throughout the Shire as part of the Councils maintenance program.

Dangerous road conditions should be reported to the Shire immediately. Urgent matters such as fallen trees, wash-aways, collapsed culverts; etc will receive prompt attention where there is a danger to life or damage to property.

Private Works

Council perform private works within the municipality as a service to rate payers, and may undertake minor projects if resources allow. Firm quotes are generally not given with works charged for the actual time taken and materials used. Should Council be unable to undertake the works, officers will be able to direct you to other local contractors. Enquiries should be directed to the Works Supervisor.

Staffing, Plant Fleet and Depots

Council has 10 employees involved in the various functions of the Works Department including Road Works, Parks and Gardens, Town Maintenance and Cemetery Maintenance. The Works Depot is situated in Bent Street, Mukinbudin. The Shire plant fleet includes two graders, one six wheel truck, one eight wheel truck, two front end loaders, one multi tyred roller, various small tip trucks and utilities and sundry plant & equipment.

Mukinbudin Refuse Site

The Shire of Mukinbudin's refuse site is located on McGregor Road, approximately 8km North West of Mukinbudin.
Shire of Mukinbudin residents:

The Refuse site is currently open seven days a week for rubbish disposal.
Asbestos is accepted at the refuse site, subject to conditions. Please contact the Works Supervisor at the Shire Administration on 90472100 for delivery instructions. 24 hours notice is required and delivery must be between normal opening hours.

Rubbish Collection Service

The Shire uses the services of a private contractor, Avon Waste to pick up the domestic and commercial waste. Residents are provided with their own mobile garbage bins as well as a recycling bin. The recycling bin is collected every second week, domestic waste is collected weekly.

For advice about the day of the collection service for your area please contact the Shire Administration on 9047 2100.


The Shire of Mukinbudin manages the Mukinbudin Cemetery which is located on Lake Road, approximately 3 kilometres east of Mukinbudin along the Koorda - Southern Cross Road. The Mukinbudin Cemetery offers traditional burials and a Niche Wall for internment of ashes. Arrangements may be made either through the Shire Administration Centre or any Funeral Director. A comprehensive list of fees and charges associated with the Mukinbudin Cemetery can also be obtained from the Shire.