Mukinbudin – Classic, Dry, Red


The present Shire of Mukinbudin was settled by pastoralists who in the 1870s took up large leases in excess of 20,000 acres to run sheep and by Sandalwood Cutters and Miners en-route to the goldfields.

In 1910 the first of the farmers arrived to commence wheat growing on their 1000 acre block and it was some time before they added stock to what had been entirely a wheat growing enterprise. An extension of the Mt Marshall railway line to Mukinbudin and Lake Brown was approved in 1922 and opened in October 1923.

The townsite was gazetted in 1922 and was at that time part of the Nungarin Road Board. In 1933 a separate Road Board was established with Mukinbudin as its administrative centre and having two smaller sidings within its boundaries – Bonnie Rock and Lake Brown. In fact the Mukinbudin number plate, MBL contains the initials of the three townsites present in 1933, Mukinbudin-Bonnie Rock-Lake Brown.

'On The Line', a history of the Shire of Mukinbudin, by Jocelyn Maddock is currently out of print. The Shire Administration Centre, 15 Maddock Street, Mukinbudin has a copy in the Public Library for reading but not borrowing. The Shire hope to be able to reprint the book in the future.