Mukinbudin – Classic, Dry, Red

Caring for Our Country Project 2009-13

Project Overview

Caring for our Country is an Australian Government initiative that provides over $2 billion in funding for natural resource management, seeking to achieve an environment that is healthy, well protected, effectively managed and resilient. SEAVROC, NEWROC and WEROC NRM Groups are fortunate to have secured some of this funding for a project to help farming communities in the North Eastern, Eastern and Southern regions of the Wheatbelt.

The project aims to provide landholders with a range of innovative opportunities to enhance their ability to reduce soil loss through wind erosion, water erosion and improve practices that increase carbon content in soils and reduce land degradation risks.

A limited number of perennial seedlings and seed will be available to landholders to plant saltbush, oil mallees, Brushwood, Casuarina obesa, Sandalwood hosts and/or Lucerne. These species will be integrated successfully into farming systems to tackle wind erosion, salinity, soil health, enterprise diversity and water management. As the focus of the project is Wind Erosion the species will be implemented through wind breaks, alley farming systems and through improved perennial pasture systems.